Parts Update  9/1/15

Due to recent inquiries, here's just a short list of the many parts we have available.

New rotors   $150 / pc

New stators   $40 / pc

Serviceable rotors   $75 / pc

Serviceable stators   $25 / pc

Brake backer (may need a little TLC but overall good condition)   $1000

Ignition vibrator   $250

Unloader valve   $600

Cylinders (these are pull offs for low compression due to exhaust valve leaks but low hours)   $650

Wheels   $1000

Brake seals $200

NOS engine Lourdes mounts $40 


We also have engine parts ... airframe parts ... control surfaces ...etc.

Please contact Brad at    [email protected]    for a complete list.

Parts update 9/1/15 - Regarding a recent exhaust parts inquiry ....

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