November 1, 2016

Smoke system is a GO!

October 22, 2016

We are adding a smoke system to the TBM.  We ran a test trial and as you can see below our first test did not go as planned.  We are figuring out what changes need to be made so we can make those modifications.  Soon we will have all of the oil cleaned off of the plane and Brad and have it in the air with a beautiful trail of smoke behind it. 

May 22, 2015 

Spring has sprung ... the Spring Fling Party is history ... the old girl is running good .... and we're heading for Atlanta at the end of the month for our first ... really big .... air show.  We've had a few fly-ins and and other warm ups ... but we're ready for a busy summer!

I guess the really BIG news ... still .... is the TBM will be in Hawaii in October.  We're working with the U.S. military to work out the logistics and as of today .... it's still a go!   There are many variables and issues to work out and it's still a long way off ... but we're hoping it will all work out.  Because .... we'll be able to fly the TBM in Hawaii at the Kaneoea Bay Marine Base Air Show .... including a few passes over Pearl Harbor!

Anyway .... we'll keep any updates on the Hawaii trip posted here.  

Brad, Jane and the rest of the TBM crew are looking forward to a great summer of flying and friends.   

July 13, 2015

Just back from Eden Prairie, MN and the the Wings of the North  "Air Expo 2015".  It was a beautiful weekend and the great folks who put on the show did a wonderful job.  THANK YOU Wings of the North!

Getting the plane ready now for Oshkosh.  We'll have the TBM there 2 days early on Saturday July 18. Brad, Jane and the TBM crew are all looking forward to a great week of flying and friends.  Please come by and visit!

The latest on our Hawaii trip is that it's still a "go"!  The logistics are complicated to say the least but .... so far .... so good. We'll post any updates here as soon as we get them.




August 28, 2015

We've had a lot of inquiries regarding our TBM being in Hawaii in October.

As of today .... it's a "GO".  

We should arrive in the islands around Oct 13 or 14 via a USAF C- 5A

 The air show at Kaneohe Bay is Oct. 17 & 18.  

Again ... as we said in the previous post ... the logistics are complicated ... but ... looking good to this point!

Hope to ....... SEE YOU IN HAWAII .....




September 23, 2015

The Hawaii trip is a "GO"!  We're getting ready now by packing spare parts (just in case).  We're also doing some routine checks and maintenance on the plane before the flight from Peru, IL to March Air Force Base in California.  Once at March AFB ... we'll remove and crate one wing.  Even with the wings folded .... the TBM is a bit too wide for a C5A.  So one wing will have to come off.

The current plan is to arrive on Oahu at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) on or about October 11.  We'll get the wing back on and do photo shoots over Pearl Harbor with two other WW2 warbirds ... and other events advertise the Oct 17 & 18 air show.


December 4, 2015

Okay ... we know .... it's been a while since the last news update.  Sorry .... been kind of busy!

The Hawaii trip was a massive undertaking but huge success! It kept us all busy.  Departure from Peru was Oct 7 and the whole thing ended just before Thanksgiving.  

It's a long story ... but a good story!  Please check out the feature length article in the January / February issue of WARBIRD DIGEST

ALSO ..... this winter's work on the TBM has begun.  The annual inspection and the ongoing restoration are underway and we're already looking forward to a busy summer of airshows and hooking up with warbird friends .... old and new.


December 15, 2015

Please mark April 16, 2016 on your calendar!  You won't want to miss the largest gathering of TBMs since WW2.  Planning is underway for "A Gathering of TBMs".  We'll be right here in Peru, IL at the Illinois Valley Regional Airport (VYS). We already have multiple confirmations from TBM owners and pilots from all around the United States. There are always weather and mechanical issues that might change the number of TBMs that will be here ..... but we could be looking at 10 and we still have a few pending.

There are many motels in the Peru area ... most are at the intersection of i-80 and I-39.... just minutes from the airport.  Booking your room early might be a good idea.

 Watch here for news and updates for "A Gathering of TBMs". 



June 14, 2016

Sorry!   Kinda didn't keep up the ol' website news.  Anyway ..... here we go.

Well the April 16th TBM Reunion was a huge success!  THANK YOU to all that helped put it together and pull it off!  It was one for the record books!  It went so good .... plans have already started for next years TBM Reunion!  

Other news includes a busy summer of fly ins and air shows.... including AirVenture 2016!  We'll have the TBM there and it looks like it will be the featured warbird for Saturday's Warbirds In Review!  It's very cool that the ol' girl gets such an honor!  We'll have her looking good and "standin' tall" to honor all TBM crew members from WW2.

Also ... for the weekend before AirVenture .... we'll have the TBM at Eden Prairie MN for Wings of the North's  AIR EXPO.  If you haven't been to AIR EXPO .... it's a good one!  See you there .... you'll be glad you made it!

Again .... sorry for the "slight gap" in the news department. What's 6 months between friends.  

Have a great air show summer and please stop by and visit Brad, Jane the the TBM crew!



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