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Brad is a businessman who started Deckert Electric, Inc. in 1991 in Eureka, IL and remains a majority stockholder.  When he is not busy in the office he's out enjoying his favorite hobby, flying!

Brad started flying in 1999 and has accumulated over 4,000 hours in various aircraft.  He holds a private pilot certificate, an instrument rating and a commercial rating. He also holds a rotorcraft rating, a rotorcraft instrument and a rotorcraft commercial rating.  He also holds a TBM Avenger type rating and is FAST formation rated. In addition to these, he has endorsements for high performance, complex, and tail wheel airplanes.


Along with the Avenger, Brad has partial ownership of an A36 Bonanza, an Enstrom 280C helicopter and one half interest in a PT 17 Stearman.



Brad's wife has always been supportive of Brad's love of flying.  Jane has an avid interest in the Avenger and looks at it as a living piece of history.  She enjoys flying with Brad to air shows and meeting the WWII veterans.  "They have such exciting stories to share!  It is fun to watch them share their stories and memories with their children and grandchildren.  We have met pilots, ball turret guys, mechanics, prop guys, navigators, and many others who have contributed to saving our freedom.  We've even met women who were very involved in the war.  One was a decoder for the Manhattan Project."  Jane always looks forward to spending time at air shows and meeting anyone that would like to know more about the Avenger.


Jane, trying on Tim McPherson's beautiful P-51D Mustang. 

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